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Dear guests!

We are a German - Siberian Joint-Venture with strongholds in Germany (Dusseldorf), former East Prussia and now Region of Kaliningrad in Russia, Omsk-Siberia ( Transsib) and Irkutsk ( Baikal). This interesting combination gives you German effectiveness and security, Siberian reliability and knowledge. With high standards you have also interesting prices.

We speak: English, German, Russian and ( some of us) Chinese.

Friends and clients all over the world but mainly in these countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, GB, Holland, Canada, the USA.

Our branch in Irkutsk has all the necessary guarantees and licenses. Please note: we are one of few firms in Irkutsk which is registered with Russian Ministry for tourism with a reference number which allows us to provide invitations. This speaks for itself!

We invite you to book one of our carefully selected tours- reliable, fairly priced and with a distinct Siberian character.

Below is what our representative in Irkutsk Eugene has to say:

Eugene from Baikal
We propose to spend your best time of the year at lake Baikal in Siberia, far from turmoil of the present-day world. We offer you a number of tours which are designed for every kind of activities at lake Baikal: budget tours to Olchon, hiking and cultural tours.

You can pay ruble prices. The present exchange rate is somewhat 1 dollar= 62 rubles and 1 euro = 68 rubles. So you have excellent prices! We will discuss all the conditions once you contact us.

Please make your reservations in advance!

A few words about myself:

I have lived most of my life ( slightly over 50 years) in Irkutsk. My passion is tourism and lake Baikal- it is so huge, wonderful and still a miracle to me. Every year I discover something new about this Great Lake.

Please, write me directly:


Your Eugene from Baikal