Eugene from Baikal
We propose to spend your best time of the year at lake Baikal in Siberia, far from turmoil of the present-day world. We offer you a number of tours which are designed for every kind of activities at lake Baikal: budget tours to Olchon, hiking and cultural tours.

You can pay ruble prices. We will discuss all the conditions once you contact us.

Please make your reservations in advance!

We can also issue an invitation for visa as we are one of few companies in Irkutsk having registration with the Russian Tourism Ministry in Moscow.

A few words about myself:

I have lived most of my life ( slightly over 50 years) in Irkutsk. My passion is tourism and lake Baikal- it is so huge, wonderful and still a miracle to me. Every year I discover something new about this Great Lake.

Please, write me directly:


Your Eugene Baikaloff