Our Baikal in winter
Obviously not yet as popular as the Himalayas and not as tough as the North Pole, Lake Baikal however, proved to be a challenge even for the toughest.

For about 3,5 months (from the middle of January till the end of April) Lake Baikal waters are frozen. More than 30 000 square kilometers of ice and snow is a good testing ground for those who want to push forward their limits. You will have all the reasons to be proud of yourself once you have travelled across the lake battling the fierce winds and sleeping overnight in low temperatures inching forward with a heavy pulk through vast fileds of broken ice and knee deep snow and looking for safe passages across the cracks.

You can walk all the way on foot as most of our guests do, or diversify your journey with skates, skies or even a kyte. Baikal is so big and so different that for every section of the lake you will find it best to use one or the other means of transportation.

Contact us and we shall suggest you the best time and an optimal route, register your group in the local Search and Rescue Service, provide you with some small but very usefull hints on how to behave on the ice and what to do when you get in trouble.

If you are hesitatnt about the distance you can afford you are welcome to spend a few days training on the ice before you venture out. We are flexible and can work out a new plan overnight, arrange for picking you up at the final destination and get you back to Irkutsk.