Lake Baikal winter activities
Siberian frosts can be challenging but bracing. But why not come and visit us in winter! Who has ever said you must go for your holidays to broil in the burning sun? Feel adventurous – tackle a true Russian winter! This is the time to see snow peaks of high Baikal Lake mountain ranges, furry green pines holding up the snow, and the blue, never-freezing waters of the Angara River! Anyone who visits us is ever charmed by the eternal beauty of our pristine natural world! Come to us and enjoy life in a cozy wooden hill top hotel, fine cuisine and hot Russian steam houses.

It can sound strange but winter and early spring on Lake Baikal offer many more opportunities for travelers than summer time. A great number of remote areas become accessible thanks to the ice of Baikal that covers the lake from the mid of January to the last weeks of April. One can travel for days on this huge ice shell on foot or skies, skates, snowmobiles, ice boats or whatever.
To your surprise, you will find that the climate is one of the things that you may like - the never-ending sunshine and snow would be a welcome change from the wet and windy winters in North Europe. Unlike some people preconceptions that during winter the whole of Russia hibernates for five months, our guests and locals will go and enjoy the countryside. Come and join us for winter fun!
Recharge your stamina after an unforgettable journey to Lake Baikal in winter!